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Untitled (need help with a title)
Please note this is a WIP work by me and is subject to change
Imagination is banned. It makes things that are imagined come to life or if someone imagined themselves as something else they become what they imagined themselves to be, so therefore it's banned. That is the law that now drives our decaying world. No one knows why our planet is dying. Maybe it's due to lack of imagination?
I was just a kid, playing with my friends, but then I imagined our basketball being bigger and we had to run away from it. The amazing thing was is that the basketball started to grow in size, alarming the other kids. My parents rushed out and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from the other kids, glaring at me, "Do you realize it's dangerous to imagine something like that?! Someone could have gotten hurt!" they berated me. "I'm sorry ma and pa," I cried "I'll try harder next time.".
"There won't be a next time, you're grounded! Now go to your ro
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Romulus Travis
Romulus walks still... Wandering... waiting at that wretched place.... where it all began... where it may end... He waits for him, the last of the Travinsky bloodline... Riko Travis... 

Somewhere out there. He'd come looking for him Romulus knew as much. The hatred flew through the young fox almost as if that hatred warmed Romulus in the cold peaks of his desolate home. A stranger walks to him.
"What has happened here?" the stranger asked. 
"Do you see them?" Romulus, in a low base voice struggling to speak. Half his jaw replaced with a mechanical contraption... ripped off by Riko when Riko was a kit, after witnessing what happened to his entire family. 
"what?" The stranger looked, seeing nothing.
"The shadows that lurk here.... they are my family, were my family, long ago I lost myself in my rage, fueled by some form of hallucinogenic drug. No control over myself, I slaughtered them all, thinking they were the enemy. Save for my youngest brother Riko. Now I wait for him, to see if he has it in him to kill me now when there is little left of myself." Romulus spoke, looking at the ruins of the village...

From the entrance to the ruins, the gate opens...
Riko Travis - Anthro Fox -Main furrsona stereotypical fox colors with blue eyes
Damian Torrens - Anthro Wolf -black
Doran  - Anthro Dragon silver with silver eyes
Remlok - red/orange phoenix 
Locke - A Northern Sergal


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